In the early days of the Internet finding something could be a hassle. The systems by which search engines operated had not yet been perfected. Relevant information was often hidden away in obscure user groups or sparse online directories. Thankfully those days have long since passed. The chaos of the primordial net has given way to an army of aggregators and search services. The algorithms that these services use have likewise evolved. This development presents an opportunity for marketers, opening the door for a phenomenon known as SEO marketing. So what is SEO marketing?

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. Simply put SEO marketing is the mechanistic calculation of the internal workings of a search engine, thereby allowing a business to utilize these workings. Most search engines sort returned articles in order of relevance, that is their relative weight in relation to a search term. So what is SEO marketing’s main goal? SEO marketing allows a business the opportunity to cement their relevance within a given series of search terms. The ramifications of this are obvious: higher order relevance leads to organic exposure. We define organic exposure in this sense: exposure by which a customer searched for a company and got a result. This is similar to other organic methods, which have come to fall under the blanket expression “viral marketing.”

Let’s examine a hypothetical company: Tom, Dick and Harry Marine, a relatively successful boat, and Maritime equipment dealer. Looking to increase their market share the owners elect to examine a number of different approaches to increase their exposure. Conventional marketing is always an option, billboards, radio and television advertisements, sponsorships and events, all of these can increase exposure. Unfortunately, most if not all of the aforementioned can be expensive. The larger the desired exposure, the more expensive this can be in the end. Let’s say that our intrepid entrepreneurs instead decide to employ SEO marketing, through a keen understanding of the way in which search engines determine the most relevant items. So in this circumstance what is search engine optimization marketing’s effect?: instant exposure for a bargain basement price.

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SEO Marketing may very well prove to be as effective as more traditional forms of advertisements. As more people turn to the Internet as their primary source for information, the influence exerted by search engines dramatically increases. As these search engines become more and more important to a person’s day to day life, understanding how to effectively utilize them for the purposes of marketing becomes critical. So what is search engine optimization marketing? SEO marketing provides the tools to reach a wider consumer base, tools to grow, to expand.

So what is SEO marketing? In the right hands, understanding how search engines work, and tailoring your approach to maximize your exposure in an increasingly net reliant world can only be a boon to your business, leading to better exposure, and through that, a better market share. In today’s interconnected world, can your business afford not to capitalize on such an opportunity?

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Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role in your business. In this digital age, the search engine ranking of your business can be a crucial factor to your success. So, how can a business improve its placement in searches. With the help of SEO, your business can go from nowhere to many places. According to the recent data, 82% shoppers research for the product before making a purchase. If your business is not ranked higher in search engine results then you are surely going to lose out on sales. SEO is a technique to organically improve your business' search results.

SEO is a Necessity in this Digital Age

It's tough for business' to capture customers attention in this cluttered advertising world where everything is overloaded with information. Search Engine Optimization is one way to capture the online world's attention with guaranteed results. With many business' already implemented SEO, it will be foolish to ignore this marketing strategy. So business' do spend a lot on SEO. So Search Engine Optimization has become an investment. You will not get results overnight and has to have patience, but in the long run it will be more than worth it.

Ever-Changing and Ever-Evolving Nature of SEO

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms for optimization, so it is tough to maintain a SEO strategy. Updates like, Google gives more importance to websites which are mobile responsive in search results and it will be penalizing websites that use pop-ups and will penalize by ranking them lower. Some business' will find it challenging to keep up with these ever-changing Google algorithms.

Optimal Insight into Your Customers

If your website is SEO optimized, it will boost your visibility in search engines which in turn will improve your business's credibility, increase your websites web traffic all of which is an important SEO factor. Once you get traffic, Google Analytics helps you track valuable information about your visitors like their location, demographics(age, gender), what browser they are using, keywords used to visit the site, time spent on your website, identify your best and worst performing page, what visitors are most clicking on your site and many other factors. These crucial information helps in building marketing strategies like your target audience, target location. The better you know your customers the better product/service you can provide and get better results in ROI. Search Engine Optimization has become a long time investment for businesses. Content will always be the king, but SEO factors play a huge role in improving your business. SEO can guarantee you traffic to your website but it can't guarantee you sales. Initially SEO will help in giving you sales but in the long run it is your product and service which you provide to the end customers that matters. It is possible that you website is ranking on first page of Google and still not enough business, so in the end it is the content, product and service that matters.

How an SEO/Digital Marketing Agency can Help

Many in the organization are not well versed with SEO and other forms of digital marketing. So in this complex age of digital marketing many businesses are turning to digital marketing agency for help. They hire digital marketers as consultant or give SEO training to their staff from industrial trainers in digital marketing. So looking to outsource your SEO work often helps because of its complexity. Search Engine Optimization will surely benefit your business by leaps and bounds.

Implement SEO and to get noticed, get visitors and get sales!

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Marketing Analyst

Headhunters deserve, and appreciate, being treated with an appropriate level of professional respect. They don't have time or interest in any cutesy comments in a cover letter like "test your skills by finding me a job" or "to accept the challenge of finding me employment". These statements may amuse them momentarily before they put your resume and cover letter directly into the trash. So with headhunters, regardless of whether they are working for a local employment agency, a retained search firm, or a contingency, always be mindful of the two following rules, and you won't go wrong:

How To Write A Cover Letter For Recruiters or Employment Agencies

1. Always tell the truth. Be truthful when answering questions, and they will likely assist you in any way they can. If you get caught lying, you will likely establish a career-long mistrust with someone who more than likely has an extensive, diverse, and prominent network of contacts. This is a sure way to guarantee that you will never have access to their contact list, or their assistance. The bottom line is DON'T LIE.

2. Get straight to the point. Again, these people look at resumes and cover letters every day and don't have the time to deal with your little insinuated jokes. You will do much better with a headhunter or recruiter by explaining who you are and what you want from them. Here are some examples:

"I have sent a copy of my resume, because I believe you to be a specialist, representing employers in the field of ________."

"Among your list of clientele there may be a couple of businesses who are looking for an experienced professional for a position as a _________."

"Please find my enclosed resume. As you are a specialist in the field of ________, I thought that you might have some interest in my skills as a __________."

Bear in mind that when you submit a cover letter to employment agencies or executive search firms, you should make reference to your salary and, if relevant, your willingness to relocate.

If you follow these rules, and always write to headhunters in a courteous, respectful, and concise manner, you are bound to get the best results. Headhunters want to find the right people for the positions they have to fill, but do not have a lot of free time for searching through cute and jokey statements. Always get right to the point, and you can't go wrong.