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Are You looking for Instagram Advertising near Gardner Estates? Are you looking for creative ways to go about marketing your business? If so, I have 25 creative ideas that you can use to market your Gardner Estates business.

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When it comes to advertising, it’s important to be consistent with your advertising efforts. The harder you work on advertising your  Gardner Estates business, the more new customers and team members you will get.

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Telling Effects Of Google RankBrain In Humanatizing SEO

Google now tells you how to rank? Unreal... Search Engine Optimization simply put is a changing of certain parameters on your site, and on other sites that direct traffic to your site. These strategies have been widely disputed, tested and developed by many internet marketers the world over. Google, being the 800 pound gorilla that it is, has basically dictated what the optimal site structure should be and how other sites should display your sites content. Most all other search engines have mimicked their overall philosophy. Up until now Google has been secretive about the specifications it uses to determine a sites validity. Below is information received from Google on how to properly "SEO" your site.

1. Create unique and accurate title pages. Put your targeted keywords in the title early and often i.e. target keyword: cell phones should be: "Cell Phones From Top Manufacturers" ALWAYS keep you title less than 64 characters to avoid the ellipses* after your title. This looks unprofessional and will decrease CTR**. Always always capitalize the first letter of each word... IT WORKS!

2. Accurate descriptive description. Ask a question, put a phone number, use the ® or ©. These things can be used in your title tag to to make your site stand out. What ever you do not overly stuff with keywords i.e. "We sell cell phone cases, cases, phones, charges etc. Make it a sentence. Because remember it does not mater how good you ranking is, if the content displayed on the SERP*** is no good, then people will not click through.

3. Improve your URLs. Do not smash all the words together in a URL. Use hyphens not underscores, why? If Google uses them and it good enough for their site, and its good enough for yours. i.e. BAD: GOOD: Create a folder and call it "cell-phone-cases" then put your content page inside that file and call it index.htm or .php whatever. Your sites URL is now "pretty" This does not only look better, it ranks better. Don't be too long again smashing every keyword possible... be simple and descriptive. DO NOT use something generic like "page13

4. Make your site easy to navigate. Use breadcrumbs see the top of this page under the header image. There are many bread-crumbing scripts that will take your pages title and folders and create this effect (I will post these in later posts). You can also simply code them in yourself as they are just simple links.

5. Use a site map. A site-map is used to show all relative links for a site on one page. An XML site map seen here will be needed to submit to most search engines. The XML version does not have to be pretty, an optional html or php site map will be need if you want to show your viewers.

6. Have a useful 404 or error page. Google 404 Page Widget Give your reader a way to navigate back to your site.

7. Avoid sloppy writing with misspellings and grammatical errors.

8. ANCHOR TEXT... ANCHOR TEXT is the words in a link. This tells the search engines what the next page may be about. It also provides your viewers the benefit of knowing what you want them to view next, or visit. Put your key words in the anchor text Avoid: next, page1, category1 instead choose: blue cell phone, red cellphone cases etc. Keep it short and descriptive, do not have a whole sentence as a hyperlink. Make them easy to spot, do not hide them by making them the same style as your plain text.

9. Use the heading tag properly. This tells the search engine the topics of you site i.e. Cell Phone Providers

10. Optimize your images. When placing images on your site, use the alt image tag and make your graphic names descriptive. remember a search engine cannot see the words or shapes of your images... so tell them what it is.

11. Use the robots.txt file. Tell the search engines where and what to index and not index. For example, you dont want them to index your download page, right? Google also provides a useful too for that as well: Google robots.txt Tool Tips: disallow your internal SERPs to be indexed, near duplicate pages and URLs created by a proxy service. How to write a robot.txt file for Wordpress

12. Use the rel=nofollow tag. This tag will tell Google that the page you are linking to has no value. The search engines may index the page you are linking to, but will not pass any PageRank® or page reputation. You will want to use this on a page that has no importance i.e. contact us page, SERPs, about us page etc these are pages that probably dont make you money, so why have them rank.

13. Promote the right way through blogs, forums, social media, add you business to the Local Business Directories. You will find more information on the above marketing strategies incoming posts.

14. I cant end on 13... Use site analytics to see where, how and how much traffic particular actions are bringing you. Google Analytics offers this service free.

*the dots .... following a set of words meaning it continues

**Click Through Rate

*** Search Engine Results Page

Read the entire Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter GuideGoogle's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, Version 1.1, published 13 November 2008

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Four Tips for Success in Legal Marketing

Hey, whatcha doin'? Sounds simple and it's so important. Advertise your bake sale's purpose. Your bake sale will generate more enthusiasm and be far more effective if you identify your specific goal. Advertise. Advertise. Advertise.

People want to do good deeds for the betterment of society. If you want to raise money for a class trip, say so. Let the world know how many kids will benefit from the trip. If you want to raise money for a tuition assistance fund, say so. Who could be against helping kids get an education? Tell the public how many kids will receive tuition assistance as a result of your bake sale. Keep track of your statistics and state your case. People want to know you have an organized plan.

Next, state the amount of money you want to raise to accomplish your goal. Publicly chart your progress. You can do this easily by making a simple thermometer poster and coloring in the "mercury" as the amount of money you raise is tabulated. A visual reminder to volunteers and donors about their progress often spurs them on in their efforts.

What if you gave a party and no one came! Well, they can't come unless you advertise your bake sale. So here are 10 great ways to easily and cheaply publicize your bake sale.

1. Announce your event in the community events section of your local newspaper. Newspapers look for social event information and usually will insert it as a free public service announcement. I like free. You'll love free. It works easily in you event's advertising budget.

2. If your event is to be held at a school or workplace, their respective newsletters will happily carry your information. Maybe they will take a picture of your committee members and write a short article about your event. Get all the ink you can for your event.

3. Use your local radio station to receive a free public service announcement.

4. Companies often print relevant announcements directly on their employee paychecks. If you've planned your event to coincide with payday your publicity advertisement might come exactly on the day of your event.

5. Create colorful fliers and ask local merchants to support your effort by displaying them in their store windows. Put the same posters in high traffic areas and on the community bulletin boards in local supermarkets.

6. Send fliers to your families and let them know about your progress and how they can help. Be specific. We need bakers to make cookies, we need people to clear tables during the sale! We need buyers. Always ask for help. People want to help.

7. Use your email list to send an email blast. Add friends and family members too.

8. Routinely update your bake sale announcement on your organization's website.

9. Make a fun YouTube commercial inviting people to your event. Invite everyone you know to view it. Remember to include the who, where, what, when and why of your event.

10. Start a Bake Sale Blog on your organization's web site. Ask contributors to write about their triumphs and tribulations during the project.

Advertising a bake sale event can really be a lot of fun. Most people in charge of publicity exercise a lot of creativity. The time and expense spent advertising is well worth the effort. Remember, if they don't know about your sale, they can't come.

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